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Train Name : 50005 (Special Trains (sch.)) | Train No : 50005

Classes : 2nd,3rd
Stops : 4
Duration : 24 Hrs 0 Mins
Days : Friday

Train number 50005 is a train running between Anuradhapura and Madhu Road. The two cities are located at a distance of 206.8 kms.

The train 50005 is named as 50005 (Special Trains (sch.)) . It leaves Anuradhapura at 06:12. and reaches Madhu Road at 06:12.It takes 24 Hrs 0 Mins to reach from its source to the destination.

Some of the major stations that the train passes through on its way are . In a week, 50005 (Special Trains (sch.)) operates on Friday.

Station name (code) Arrival Departure Stop time Classes Days
Anuradhapura 2nd,3rd 21.9.2018
Maho 2nd,3rd 21.9.2018
Colombo Fort 23:20 2nd,3rd 21.9.2018
Madhu Road 06:12 2nd,3rd 21.9.2018

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What time 50005 (Special Trains (sch.)) depart from Anuradhapura Railway Station ?
    50005 (Special Trains (sch.)) departs from Anuradhapura Railway Station at 06:12.
  2. How much time 50005 (Special Trains (sch.)) take to reach Madhu Road Station ?
    The arrival time of 50005 (Special Trains (sch.)) at Madhu Road Station is 06:12.
  3. Distance covered by 50005 (Special Trains (sch.)) ?
    50005 (Special Trains (sch.)) covers 246.9 km to reach Madhu Road Station. 50005 (Special Trains (sch.)) passes through 4 stations.
  4. How to book a train ticket online in Sri Lanka?
    You can check various methods for booking here Click Here